and sofas

made in Italy

The fillings are in expanded polyurethane a polymer that is both solid and elastic and has an open cell structure: produced in blocks of varying density that can be cut or sawn depending on the characteristics of the model. Expanded flexible materials don't contain toxic substances and conform to UNI EN 71-3 (Chrome, lead arsenic selenium, asbestos, formaldehyde) they satisfy the requirements

of directive 88 / 378 / CEE.

They don't contain substances that are harmful to health or damage

the ozone layer. Polyurethane that

is used nowadays, is breathable, antibacterial and guarantees

to maintain a high level of elasticity over time. The materials can on request contain a fire retardant that has been tested

and certified as conforming to

• Classe 1.IM (Iemme)

• B.S. 5852 - Part 2 - Crib 5 (British Standard)

• Technical Bulletin 117 A - D


We utilise wood both for the internal structure and also for some visible and characteristic parts of the model (feet and arms). We have chosen Beech that is sourced from Italian and German plantations. This material allows us to give the structure the characteristics of lightness, solidness and strength which are indispensable in order to guarantee that the product will last. Moreover to define the structural outline we use multi layer panels certified in bonding class E1,

with the PEFC stamp for sustainable forest management in conformity

to the relevant norms.

The feet are realized from solid Beech and finished in water based varnishes of different shades.

We suggest using a soft damp

cloth to clean the feet

and to avoid using any types

of chemical products.

Blanched beech

Natural beech








Blues products are shipped inside corrugated cardboard boxes that guarantee, if correctly handled, protection during transportation and storage.

The packaging materials conform

to norm UNI EN 13430/2005 that relates to the requirements

for the recovery of packaging

and the recycling of materials.


The leathers we use have been selected to suit the design of our models. These cow hides are sourced in Europe and are cured exclusively in Italy using processes that respect the environment.

Each hide is treated in such a way that it attains a special softness that is recognisable by touch

or sight. The eventual presence wrinkles, scars or difference

in grain, aren't considered flaws but instead guarantee that

the product is natural.


Advice for maintaining the quality of the leather.

• avoid direct sunlight.

• avoid sources of heat.

• avoid contact with metal objects that might cause irreparable scratches.

• regularly dust the leather with

a soft dry cloth.


Instructions for cleaning the leather.

• Any eventual marks can be eliminated using a damp soapy cloth (soap with a neutral ph).

Dry immediately after cleaning; delicately dab. Do not rub.

• use the dedicated cleaning set that is supplied on request


The quality of stitching distinguishes and enhances Blues production. You can recognise the fundamental value of our philosophy in every seam: knowledge

of upholstery and attention to detail. Blues utilise different types of stitching: single stitching, double stitching

and edging.

The threads are made from 100% polyester, a strong and resistant material that guarantees over time perfect hold in every type

of stitching.

Double stitched

Stitched with piping

Single stitched


The structure or the metal parts (feet) are in circular or square steel section tubes that are cut, shaped and soldered.

Every metal part is chrome plated making the product both shiny and resistant over time.

For cleaning we advise the use

of a lightly damp soft cloth, avoiding the use of any chemical product that might scratch

or mark the surface.

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